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Metallbauproduktionsbetrieb Sehnde (production facility for metal construction)

JVA Sehnde (penitentiary)
FB Arbeit und Ausbildung
Metallbau-Arbeitsbetrieb der Justiz Nds.

Schnedebruch 8
31319 Sehnde

Phone: +49 5138 501320
Fax: +49 5138 501914

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Approx. 900 square metres with the focus on sheet metal processing, in-house manufacturing work, small series. Thermal processing, further focus on office furniture construction; no private customers.
Technology usage:
Plasma cutting equipment 2x3m to 35mm, CNC milling machine Maho DMU 60T + DMU 50M; plate shear 6mm 3000mm, swing folding 4mm 3000mm, altogether 13 welding workplaces and lots more;
4 master metal-builders with different areas of focus. In conjunction with a large-scale carpentry workshop and powder plant, one focus is on the construction of office and commercial furniture. As partner to business and industry, supplier to skilled trade/craft and industrial enterprises, e.g. module and component fabrication.
alliance with other metal construction enterprises of the Niedersachsen Justice Department with various different orientations;
Exhibition participation:
Contact and cooperation research:
Cooperations and networks with industrial and skilled trade/craft firms - also - but not exclusively - within the region; components - parts and series production etc.
Export countries:
Sweden, Austria
Import countries:
Supplier to business branches:
Vehicle construction, machine-plant construction, furniture construction, construction industry, drilling technology, metal products in aluminium and steel, and many others.

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