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Hartmut Rosendahl Engineering

Hartmut Rosendahl Engineering
Edwin-Oppler-Weg 9
30167 Hannover

Phone: +49 173 261 2651

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Engineering Services for Vehicle- and System-Development

I offer my personal consultance in all phases of the system development process, starting with brainstorming up to systematic realisation; with the specific services as follows:

- Project-Management, built up and lead of teams
. also as Interim Management
- Systems-Engineering
- Development of system-functions
- Drive-Tests, Vehicle Validation
- Vehicle-Integration
- Consulting the developments of electronic braking systems
. and vehicle control systems for trucks and buses

Hartmut Rosendahl Engineering means personal engineering services directly by myself, Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Rosendahl. All contacts and services will be done directly by myself, without any assistants in between. That means my person takes care for fast and clear communication, high flexibility and quality.

I would like to contribute to the success of your company by offering my consulting help based on my personal qualification and knowledge.

My focus is on the development of complex mechatronic systems for commercial vehicles, buses and automotive, e.g. electronic braking systems, ABS, Traction Control, Hillholder, electronic parking brake, EPB and vehicle control systems, ESP, ESC including the interaction with hybrid drive systems, e-mobility and motor-sport.

I have special knowledge in the development of complex systems for commercial vehicles. Especially I would like to allow myself to call me an expert in electronic braking systems for commercial vehicles. Worldwide you will find only a few specialists with my deep knowledge in that area.

My expertise in leading and coordinating the development of such electro mechanical systems allows me to take complex challenges in several automotive areas. E.g. I am able to coordinate the development of an electro mechanical system integrating several external development partners acting as interims manager at one of the top 3 OEM's worldwide.

My experience in leading and coordinating the development of electro mechanical systems allows me to take complex challenges of cross-functional coordination (systems engineering, software, design, test, marketing, production, ...) of different development partners in several automotive areas.

Another field of my services is GreEnerbility (Green Energy Mobility), that means full CO2-free e-mobility by integrating renewable ennergy, smart grid and e-mobility.

I have more than twenty years of experience in the development of complex electronic vehicle control systems (see also project list on my Homepage , or have a look into the patent survey of "Deutsches Patentamt" , under the inventors name "Hartmut Rosendahl you will find more than 200 entries).

According to your needs, you can hire me for months, weeks, days, or even longer. I would also like to close gaps caused e.g. by illness, motherhood or fatherhood by acting as an interim manager.

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