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TRI: linguistic services

TRI: linguistic services
Halkettstr. 38
30165 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 89 88 0546
Fax: +49 322 268 274 13
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Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Profiling, Sprachunterricht, Sprache für Führungskräfte, Coaching, interkulturelles Kommunikationstraining (Schwerpunkte: Verhandlung, Präsentation), CR- und PR-Optimierung, Übersetzung, Lokalisierung, Dolmetschen, Copywriting

Englisch, English, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, DaF, EFL, Russisch, Russian, German as a foreign language, English for science, technical English, business English, Language of Meetings, Negotiations, Verhandlungen, Telefoning, Messe, Industry Fair, Verkaufsgespräch, Presentation, Präsentation, Sales
Technology usage:
Transfer of linguistic academic knowledge to the everyday business needs
Formalities: Dipl. Phil. in Russian Studies (Russia), Magistra Artium in English, German and Media Education (Germany), Erasmus (UK); various certificates in translation, interpreting, international project management, fundraising

Assets: teaching since 1998 in Russia, UK, Israel, Germany, Switzerland; translating since 2005; project and event management since 2004 (UK, Germany, Poland, Italy)
Import countries:
European countries
Supplier to business branches:
All businesses

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