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LLS Rowiak

LLS Rowiak LaserLabSolutions GmbH
Garbsener Landstraße 10
30419 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 277 2976
Fax: +49 511 277 1766

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH has developed a laser microtome, the TissueSurgeon, which allows the first non-contact cutting of living hard and soft tissues and other materials such as polymers, in the depths. The integration of an OCT imaging system allows an image-guided cutting for the first time.

In parallel, a nanotom was developed, the CellSurgeon. This enables scientists to cut into dimensions that are significantly smaller than that dimension, which advised the laser microtome. This so-called Nanodissection allows intracellular contact-free cutting and the selectively manipulation of individual subcellular structures and cell organelles, without affecting surrounding areas of the cell. The microscope based on femtosecond technology allows cutting into living cells with a precision in nanometer range.

In opposite to the laser microtome, which still allows a macroscopic handling of the samples the nanotom penetrates microscopic areas where a mechanical manipulation is difficult or almost impossible.

Integrating innovative cutting technology by ultrashort pulse lasers with various imaging solutions and automation tools, LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions offers customized solutions for imaging and processing of cells, tissues and materials.

Beyond, LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions is your fully authorized dealer for sales and support of Zeiss Routine and Research Microscopy solutions.
Technology usage:
laser, ultrashort pulse laser, femtosecond laser, biophotonics, Imaging, microscopy, histology, laser micrototomy

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